Monday, January 25, 2010

Because I have to stay awake during my midnight shift, I present to you...
5 Comics I'm Looking Forward To This Wee
k, With Haikus!

Titles in alphabetical order. And don't hate on me if I failed to make a proper haiku.

Batman and Robin #7
No more Philip Tan
How we miss Mr. Quitely
Stewart will suffice

Fantastic Four #575
Mole Man returneth
Hickman makes FF good again
Great jumping on point

GI Joe Cobra II #1
First series was great
for classic Joe fans or not
Everyone must read

Punisher #13
Frank Castle is dead
Franken-Castle is brilliant
Yay for bold stories

Unknown Soldier #16
Real-world issues told
through classic DC title
Haunting war stories

Also looking forward to:
Amazing Spider-Man #619 - Catching up with the whole Brand New Day stuff so I probably won't get to this for awhile.
Avengers Initiative #32 - I Don't read this title but I'm on board for the whole Seige thing and as Dark Wolverine proved last week, big things can happen in the peripheral titles.
Chew #8
Daredevil #504
Detective Comics #861 - I unfortunately missed out on the new direction but this looks like a good jumping on point.
New Avengers #61 - I'm on Team Bucky.
Northlanders #24
Sword #21
Walking Dead #69