Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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    My 'puter is down so I can't read comics right now, but I too am looking forward to more Batman & Robin.
    As for SIEGE, I'm interested. Interested in the same way I'm interested in watching the aftermath of a horrible car accident. There will be good, if someone lives, there will be bad, if someone dies, and there will be the ugly of it, all the gawkers like myself who have nothing better to do with thier lives than watch the aftermath of a car wreck. In a way this is Marvel Comics for me now, and that makes me sad.
    As for Hickman & his FF run, it's as close to Byrne's AMAZING 80's run as I can remember, and this is coming from someone who absolutely swears by Waid's last run. On a side note Secret Warriors is also VERY good.

    Oh and Haiku's are a stroke of PURE BRILLIANCE! I'm glad your back to the Blog!