Monday, October 5, 2009

Quick Hits On The Big Game

1. For me and everyone else on the Wisconsin/Minnesota border, this is the biggest game of a generation. Both teams are good enough to be considered Super Bowl contenders so a divisional game is going to be big regardless. It's on Monday night so even more people will participate in the craziness. Oh, and the whole FAVREAGEDDON thing adds just a little bit of spice too.

2. Brett Favre is among the best players of all-time and is arguably the most enjoyable athlete to watch of any sport. I'm a Packer fan first and will be rooting for my home state team, but that doesn't mean I'll be rooting against Favre.

3. The funniest anti-Favre piece was the "We'll always remember you, Brent".

4. What's lost in the whole Favre vs. Green Bay hysteria is that this game may be remembered as Aaron Rodgers' statement game even more so than Favre. Sure, Favre wants to stick it to TedThompson and the Pack. But Aaron Rodgers just might be one of the next great QBs of the post Favre generation. And if he is? Rogers needs this game to prove that Green Bay was right to stand by him. Rodgers has a point to prove too with this game.

5. Anything but a close game will be disappointing.

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  1. I tried to comment on this blog the other day, but the Interwebs ate it.
    I do agree on the "We'll Always Remember You, Brent" shirt, it is utter brilliance.